Ceramic Innovation and Service to the Foundry Industry

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Ceramic Innovation and Service to the Foundry Industry

CAT International Ltd was founded 20 years ago to commercialise the ideas of the R&D company Carbon Application Technology Ltd, primarily in the area of metal filtration resulting in the development and production of the CERACAT range of filters for steel and iron.

International sales of the CERACAT filter range continues to grow year on year and investment in our Staffordshire manufacturing facility has been matched to accommodate future expansion.

We have never taken the easy path. Developing new unique materials and manufacturing processes has been a challenge we’ve not shied away from and this continues to be our focus for the future.

In 2016 we set out on a programme of adapting our material technology to Additive Manufacturing, the results of which exceeded our expectations and drives a large part of our current activity

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing of ceramic parts is the present, not just the future… and CAT is at the heart of this revolution.

20 Years Manufacturing Excellence



High Capacity Iron


Heavy Iron / Chrome Iron


CAT International Ltd are UK agents for SEEIF Ceramic including Stopper Rod Covers, Holloware & Graphite Stopper Tips for bottom pour ladles.

What does CAT stand for?

The acronym CAT stands for Carbon Application Technology.

What are the CERACAT range of filters made from?

CERACAT is a ‘composite’ ceramic it marries the positive properties of several materials and technologies to offset the negative aspects and give a very stable strong filter that can be manufactured at lower cost compared to zirconia but with much higher strength than Carbon Bonding alone

In relation to a Zirconia or Carbon Bonded filters how does a CERACAT filter ‘Prime’?

In standard form CERACAT primes similar to a Zirconia based filter however if this is of issue we can increase the priming performance contact us to discuss your application.

Will these filters float after casting when used in a direct pour application?

Yes the CERACAT filter will float much more readily than a zirconia filter.

Is the variation in colour / different shades of grey normal?

Yes CERACAT filters are fired inside a kiln in an oxygen free atmosphere however you can see a variation in the shade of grey to black depending on the location within the kiln, it has no effect on performance and is purely cosmetic.

Do I need to worry about Carbon pick in the melt when using CERACAT? Can I use them with very low carbon steels?

The carbon content of our filters is typically 7% (unlike purely carbon bonded filters which can be typically 40%) our filters have been tested for carbon pick up in the metal to 3 decimal places and no evidence of carbon pick up in the metal has been detected.

Can you supply filter holders/ supports for use with the larger filters?

CAT can manufacture custom supports for your application with minimal tooling costs, we also have a range of ‘holloware’ filter holders Contact us to discuss your application.

Can I use CERACAT with Manganese steel?

Yes we have many customers using CERACAT with Manganese steel, please contact use for more information.

Is CERACAT hydroscopic ie. will it pick up moisture?

Like all ceramic you should try and store them in a dry location however unlike purely carbon bonded filters they are NOT Hygroscopic.